Hiring a voice actor can be a wonderful resource for any business. It might be a little confusing if you haven’t hired one before, so I thought I would cover the basics.

      In addition to rates, before you hire voice talent you will need to set the expectations. Are you looking for a raw version of your script, or do you want music edited in? What audio file type do you need the resulting voice over in? Be sure all of this is laid out clearly.

      Like any relationship, communication is key when bringing voice talent on to your project. This project is your baby, something you dedicate yourself to, so you will get the best results the more thoroughly you can communicate your vision. Provide background on the setting, on your target audience, and overall tone, because your voice actor can use these details like fuel to accurately represent your project.

      When you get the resulting audio file in, listen to it carefully. If you have any concern or want to ask for any reasonable changes, be sure to return it to your voice actor in a timely manner. Voice actors build their portfolio on their reputation and will want to keep clients happy. Lastly, please be sure to pay on time (usually as soon as the file is delivered and approved) – voice actors have bills to pay just like everyone else!

      Remember, the human voice is a powerful tool in expressing messages and can evoke emotional responses in a personal way. The talent you choose for your project will often be a first impression of your company and represent your brand. Great voice talent will bring with it credibility as well as resonating with your audience.


      Rates vary according to usage, market, and the intended purpose of the audio. To obtain a quote for your project, submit your script and project details to and Miles will reply as soon as possible with a quote and ETA.


      If payment and a finalized script is received by Miles’ office by noon PST, they can usually turn it around the same day (often within an hour or two) – next day, worse case scenario. If Miles anticipates there to be a delay in this turnaround time (due to travel or being previously committed to a project) all efforts will be taken to let you know of the delay and to schedule your job as soon as possible.