Miles Rand is an actor who specializes in voice-over productions and live announcing. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. While native to the LA area, he traveled to Fort Collins, Colorado and spent four years there for university before migrating back to the city of angels. Upon graduation Miles began studying and training intensely as a voice-over artist and actor. As an individual who understands the importance of growth, he is constantly working to improve his craft and connect with other individuals in the industry.

       The choice for him to turn his passion for acting and voice performance into a business was a simple one. He truly enjoys creating and finding ways to help others give their project that special splice of life that they are looking for. Miles focuses intently in his work and in meeting clients’ needs precisely. Miles prides himself upon having a wide range of capabilities and invites you to listen to his demo reels so as to provide a few examples of how he can benefit you and your business.

      Miles has recently lent his voice to Lyft, Motorola, Specialty Sodas, and Carnival Mobile. He has also been involved with new video games including Dream Dodger and Quadrant. Miles has been frequently MCing multiple events around the Los Angeles area, most notably for the 2015 Special Olympic World Games. You may also find a more broad sampling of his current and former clients on his projects page.

       Miles is always looking to make new connections, so please contact him directly with any and all inquiries at or (562)-645-3764.

Vocal Signatures…

On Camera Skills…

  • Young Father Or Husband
  • Son
  • Comical Or Playful
  • Game Show Host
  • Macho / Athletic
  • Dude / Guy's Guy
  • Cynical / Jaded
  • Intelligent Or Thoughtful
  • Engaging / Conversational
  • Authoritarian / Informative
  • Genuine / Sincere
  • Stick-shift Driving
  • Fencing
  • Motorcycle License
  • Horseback Riding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Off Trail Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Snowboarding
  • Jet-Skiing
  • Surfing